Simba has the solution to expose all types of Data Sources

Connect your data source to the vast array of applications via Simba’s standards based real time connectivity options. We provide a full range of data connectivity solutions based on ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OData, OLE DB, ODBO and XMLA.

Big Data

BigData-300x225Does this sounds familiar …

  • You have data in a NoSQL data source such as Hadoop, mongoDB, Cassandra, BigQuery, or HBase.
  • You’ve amassed a mountain of data.
  • Each day you incorporate more and more detail into the data you capture.

… just one problem, how do you access and analyze all that data?

Most Big Data systems don’t allow you to easily connect to any application without custom code or a data standard … but this is where Simba comes in.

Simba Connects. Any Data. Anywhere. Anytime.

We are a leading provider of ODBC connectivity to the top providers of Hadoop Distributions via Hive, HBase and other NoSQL sources like MongoDB, Cassandra and Google BigQuery. We’ve already done the hard work of creating an ODBC driver that speaks to these data sources, and to allow the applications to use SQL against these data sources.

If you need to connect your NoSQL data source to any application, we can help.

Cloud/SaaS Apps

logotype_Salesforce-ODBC-and-JDBC-Driver-1.0If you need to get to the data in Salesforce and other Cloud applications that have their own datasource, we have the solution. Whether you are wanting to view the data in Excel, or use it in your own BI or Reporting tool of choice, Simba’s connectors make it easy as we have:

  • Developed a Salesforce Driver that allows access to common BI tools
  • Developed drivers that speak to web services and REST APIs, accessing data in the cloud
  • Knowledge of how to connect to the cloud quickly and easily, for any web based data source

The web works on many platforms, and so do our connectors. If you need a platform, chances are we already have it. Call us today to easily connect to the cloud.


Relational Database

Do you have an existing Data warehouse built with Oracle, IBM, SAP, SQL Server, Teradata…or anyone else.  Simba connects to all the most common Databases in the most common languages. Access your data and view it anywhere, anytime.

Simba Connects, call us today to find out how!


multidimensional_databseWe provide the technology that powers over 50% of the providers of OLAP based solutions on the market. We can connect your OLAP data source to any OLAP client, such as Excel, Microstrategy, or SAP BoBJ. We have the only multi-dimensional SDK for developing ODBO and XMLA based data sources. Simba is the only provider who can parse and execute the latest variants of MDX, allowing full compatibility with Excel 2010-2013 while enabling advanced functionality.

We can even place multi-dimensional access over your non-traditional data source for companies like Kognitio and Exasol

We are the experts in building ODBO and XMLA based solutions that understand MDX.

Call us today to find out more information.


logotype_Development-ToolsWhether you need relational or multi-dimensional access to your unstructured data, we can help. We have toolkits for building ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLE DB, ODBO, and XMLA connectors. We also have the technology to understand SQL or MDX and map that to your data source, allowing any BI application on the market to access your data. It doesn’t matter what your data looks like, we have a solution that will allow users to extract the power of your data source.

Still confused???

Call us to discuss your needs and our team of data experts can work with you to solve your connection issues.