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Magnitude Gateway platform delivers unified access to your operational and analytical data wherever it resides. The platform delivers unique connectivity capabilities for business users and technical teams – enabling simple provisioning and management of connectivity among multiple applications and data sources.

This is data connectivity reimagined

Magnitude’s universal data connectivity platform delivers enhanced and simplified, universal access to operational and analytical data for Enterprises and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) alike.

Access any data from any application at any time with a single integration.

Magnitude Gateway - Data connectivity to any data wherever it resides

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Magnitude Gateway Benefits for Software Vendors (ISVs)

Magnitude Gateway Embedded Edition delivers innovation in data connectivity provisioning and management. The Platform dramatically enhances the user experience while enabling software vendors to provide connectivity to more data sources and reduce the cost of distribution and maintenance.

  • Offload your data connectivity development, distribution, maintenance and support while reducing costs;
  • Deliver new connectivity to your users independently of your release cycle; and
  • Broaden your target market with the richest set of data connectivity capabilities;
  • Incorporate enriched business data directly into your solution – for self-service access to data by your customers;
  • Gain new insights on usage analysis to better understand data source popularity, data volumes, and frequency.



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Magnitude Gateway Benefits for the Enterprise

This innovation in data connectivity management dramatically enhances the user experience, while simplifying set up and maintenance of data connectivity solutions.

The unique connectivity capabilities also empower enterprise business teams with multiple applications and data sources to self-serve real-time access to data from any data source, while benefiting from embedded business logic that puts insights in the hands of business users, without IT involvement.

  • Save time and reduce burden on IT: Quickly provision users with real-time access to the data they need without the burden of configuration.
  • Get users to business insights faster: Provide a business view of data (beyond access to raw data) irrespective of the analytic tool utilized.
  • Support data compliance initiatives: Ensure internal and external data policy compliance.
  • Minimize costs of maintaining up-to-date connectivity to your mission-critical applications and workflows.




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Simplify access to multiple data sources for seamless, real-time insights to business users while eliminating the fragmented effort of data source driver acquisition and updates.

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Donald Farmer

Donald Farmer Principal at Tree Hive Strategy

Over my many years in BI and Machine Learning, we in the market have built great self-service technologies for business users. But we have always struggled to give these users simple, effective and well-managed access to live data in business applications.

Magnitude’s new Gateway solution wraps up business-friendly intelligent adapters, a wide range of standard adapters, and high performance universal drivers. For business users, this simplifies live data access. For IT, the Gateway simplifies deployment and maintenance, while also providing insights to usage and governance.

Magnitude Gateway Resource Library

White Paper

Data Connectivity Reimagined

Simplify access to unlock immediate value from enterprise data

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White Paper

Magnitude Gateway Product Overview

Magnitude Gateway simplifies data connectivity by creating a single interface (Universal Driver) to a variety of interfaces (including ODBC and JDBC) for applications to access data.

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Data Sheet

Magnitude Gateway Fact Sheet for Software Vendors (ISVs)

SIMPLIFY ACCESS To Multiple Data Sources From Your Product

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Data Sheet

Magnitude Gateway Fact Sheet for Enterprise

SIMPLIFY ACCESS TO MULTIPLE DATA SOURCES For Seamless, Real-time Insights to Business Users

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