Connect to Disparate Data Sources in Real Time

Effective strategic and operational decision-making requires access to real-time data. Trusted business decisions depend on it, yet creating that link can be expensive – consuming specialized resources and time.

Magnitude provides a complete portfolio of standards-based connectors for today’s most common analytics and BI applications (and more!), so it’s easy to access the data you need when you need it. No more exporting, no more outdated data – just easy access to the right data, in real time, regardless of where it resides.

Connect to the data you need to do business: Find the connectors that are right for you

Not all data connectivity needs are equal. That’s why Magnitude also offers custom connectivity solutions. Whether your organization needs lightweight data federation for data from multiple sources, data connectivity for security solutions, or the ability to migrate to the cloud without disruption, our data connectivity experts deliver. Unlike traditional database drivers, Magnitude custom connectors add logic where you need it, creating a simple and cost-effective way to query and join data from heterogeneous sources in real time.

Keep Your Data Safe

Data breaches make the news and put your business at risk. But data also fuels your business decisions. It’s imperative that your enterprise secures your data while also making sure it is readily and easily available for analysis.

The world’s biggest software companies trust Magnitude with their connectivity solutions. Our technology has been third-party tested against the strictest security requirements, ensuring your critical information stays safe.

Our custom data connectors integrate with your existing authorization, authentication and encryption solutions to ensure the highest level of security for your data. No duplication of security layers is required, providing the best user experience and maintaining the highest level of security.

Now you can:

  • Meet stringent security requirements.
  • Administer user-level security at the database, operating system and security server level.
  • Deploy industry-standard SSL/TLS for one- and two-way authentication.

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Migrate Data to the Cloud Without Disruption

You need to adapt your enterprise infrastructure to changing business and market requirements. Your challenge is leveraging the scalability, reliability and maintainability of the cloud, while minimizing changes to your infrastructure.

Magnitude provides custom data connectors for modern infrastructure requirements – giving you the freedom to add business logic without upgrading your applications or altering your data landscape. Custom connectors add logic where you need it, creating a simple and cost-effective way to meet your changing needs.

Now you can:

  • Migrate your existing data or applications behind a web services layer.
    • Use existing applications or add new ones.
    • Ensure security with SSL and single sign-on authentication.
    • Add custom auditing to support compliance.
  • Optimize for high performance and the needs of the cloud.
    • Transfer data at high speed.
    • Reduce the number of API calls.
    • Ensure high availability for your users.

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Access All Your Data with Real-Time Data Federation

Critical data resides in information silos throughout your organization. Data-hungry decision makers need access to that data in real time for analysis that delivers strategic and operational impact.

Magnitude connectivity solutions enable you to combine heterogeneous data sources in a single view for decision-making from a comprehensive data set.

Now you can:

  • Merge any type of data in real time.
  • Analyze and process the combined data as a single source.
  • Read and write from heterogeneous sources, using the tools of your choice.

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