Leverage the scalability, reliability, and maintainability of the cloud, while minimizing changes to your infrastructure.
Whether you want to migrate to a public or private cloud, or enhance your customers’ experience with hybrid cloud infrastructure, a custom ODBC or JDBC data connector can be the fastest and least disruptive solution.

Cloud Enablement at the Connectivity Layer

A custom connector to your data gives you the freedom to add the business logic you need without upgrading your applications or disruptively altering your data landscape. Unlike traditional ODBC/JDBC database drivers, custom connectors add logic where you need it, creating a simple and cost-effective way to meet the changing requirements of today’s business.

Cloud-enable Your Business

With a custom ODBC/JDBC connector, you can migrate your existing data or applications behind a web services layer for cloud deployment.

  • Continue to use your existing applications or add new ones transparently
  • Security is ensured with SSL
  • Single sign-on ability with your authentication services keeps data protected
  • Add custom auditing to support compliance

data connectivity migration to cloud

Entrenched enterprise landscapes make it a challenge to meet rapidly changing customer requirements, while enabling scalability and keeping maintenance costs low. Use a custom connector from Simba to cloud-enable your data and applications while respecting the investment in your existing infrastructure.

Client-Server Deployment Optimized for the Cloud

Simba Connectivity provides data connectors for the world’s largest cloud service companies. Our client-server deployment solution is optimized for high performance and the needs of the cloud.

  • Industry-leading performance wire protocol includes proprietary compression for high-speed transfer of data
  • Collaborative Query Execution (CQE) reduces the number of API calls and the amount of data exchanged
  • Client/Server deployment solutions handles failover and retry to ensure high availability for your users

Data Connectivity Migration optimized for Cloud

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