Blend your SQL and unstructured data, giving you actionable insights on more complete data. Combine log files, web services, and transaction records to meet stringent compliance regulations.

Data Federation at the Connectivity Layer

Critical data resides in information silos throughout your organization, but data-hungry decision makers need to analyze this data in real time. What’s more, meeting compliance regulations means joining log files, web services, and data from traditional sources. Delivering on these requirements while maintaining the highest level of security is a challenge: heterogeneous and non-SQL data sources cannot be blended using traditional methods, and off-the-shelf solutions are costly and disruptive to implement.

A custom Simba connector can enable lightweight data federation for all types of data from multiple sources. Unlike traditional database drivers, custom connectors add logic where you need it, creating a simple and cost-effective way to query and join data from heterogeneous sources in real time.

Provide a secure, unified view of your data without moving it.

Merge any type of data in real time. Analyze and process the combined data as a single source. Read and write from heterogeneous sources, using the tools of your choice.

  • Combine data from log files, web services, and other unstructured sources together with traditional SQL data.
  • Make data updates on the fly with a read-write connector.
  • Use standard applications like Tableau, Power BI, and Excel to analyze the combined data.
  • Add custom security as required, while the data sources continue to enforce authorization.

Real Time Data Federation with Custom Data Connectors

Lightweight federation does not require copying and storing data in a warehouse. Blended data is available in real time, when you need it most.

Lightweight data federation with a custom ODBC or JDBC connector is a lower cost, easier to maintain solution than traditional data warehousing. Perform data analysis in real time, while enforcing the existing security of your data stores.

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