Connect Your BI or Custom Application to the Right Data Source

You have a blazing fast storage engine that can compute analytics across millions or billions of rows, plus an advanced front-end that can build visualizations that amaze – but people want to use the tools they know to access and analyze the data. And it’s costly and time-intensive to work with each application vendor to create a custom solution to connect to your data source.

Simba offers data access and analytics solutions that connect your application to the data source of choice. We provide data connectivity to your target application using a single API, with no extra work required. You’ll gain broad compatibility with minimum effort and cost.

We provide data integration for:

  • Cloud Applications – Easily connect to and work with live data from any cloud application.
  • Internal Applications – Get data out of NoSQL and data sources such as Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, BigQuery and HBase.
  • Custom Applications – Connect to virtually any data source, from relational to multi-dimensional and ODBC to ODBO.

Data Integration and Connectivity for BI and Application Vendors

Open connectivity to your database and improve speed-to-adoption

When it comes to leveraging your data source, your customers have different needs – like access to a diverse set of SQL, NoSQL, Big Data and Cloud/SaaS data sources, and their BI tool of choice. When built in-house, universal data access is a costly, time- and resource-consuming initiative – and then there’s the maintenance headache.

Simba Data Connectivity solutions improve access and increase speed-to-adoption for any data source. We provide a full range of data connectivity solutions based on ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET and OLE DB. Now you can broaden the scope of how and where data can be used.

Easily, reliably and efficiently connect:

  • Big Data – Provide high-performance data access. Our ODBC and JDBC drivers make the capabilities of big data easier to afford and use.
  • Cloud/SaaS Applications like Marketo, Concur and Salesforce – Give users the access they want without building your own custom connectors; our drivers connect you with all major BI tools.
  • Relational Databases – Connect to the most common databases in the most common languages.
  • Unstructured – Gain relational or multi-dimensional access to your unstructured data. We have toolkits for building ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET and OLE DB connectors.

Data Connectivity for Data Source Vendors

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