Solutions that expose data sources of all types

Magnitude Simba Data Connectivity solutions make the capabilities of Big Data, Cloud/SaaS, SQL and NoSQL simpler to use, more affordable, more dependable, and significantly easier to integrate into existing BI and data environments – broadening the scope of how and where data can be used.

Connect your data source to a vast array of applications via Simba’s standards based real time connectivity options. We provide a full range of data connectivity solutions based on ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLE DB, ODBO and XMLA.

Big Data

The problem is that volumes upon volumes of unstructured data cannot easily be accessed by traditional enterprise applications. Magnitude’s Simba Data Connectivity Solutions bring value by allowing you to access, analyze and visualize the data for real time action and insight. Enterprise applications use SQL to communicate with data sources, and ODBC and JDBC are the main APIs that facilitate this. Simba has years of experience and expert knowledge in SQL, ODBC and JDBC. Our connectivity solutions allow you to leverage this expertise and focus your resources on your core product offerings.

Simba’s Big Data Connectivity Suite:

  • Provides enabling technology that allows users to connect any application to directly access and analyze their Big Data environment.
  • Direct access to Big Data saves users time and money while providing high-performance data access.
  • Removes market barriers for BI vendors – giving BI application vendors the opportunity to sell SQL-based tools into the Big Data market to generate wider customer appeal with better BI connectivity.
  • Sophisticated set of Ready to Use drivers, and SDKs that quickly enable direct connectivity for actionable BI and strategic analytics.

Magnitude simba suite of data drivers helps to expose your data to any application

Simba’s ODBC and JDBC drivers make the capabilities of Big Data simpler to use, more affordable, more dependable, and significantly easier to integrate into existing BI and data environments – broadening the scope of how and where Big Data can be used.

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Cloud/SaaS Apps

Do your users want to access data in places like Marketo, Concur or Salesforce?
The data users need doesn’t often live in a relation – or even a NoSQL – database. Give your users the access they want without building your own custom connectors.
Data Connectivity for Cloud SaaS applications

We’re rapidly expanding our suite of SaaS drivers to include datasources like PayPal, Hubspot, Jira and more. Don’t see the datasource you want listed? There’s a good chance we’re working on it already! Contact us to find out how we can help.

  • Our ODBC and JDBC drivers connect you with all the major BI tools
  • We have drivers that speak to web services and REST APIs, accessing data in the Cloud
  • Tap our know-how for connecting to the Cloud quickly and easily (for any web-based data source)

The web works on many platforms, and so do our connectors. If you need to expose your data, chances are we already have it.

Relational Databases

Do you have an existing data warehouse built with Oracle, IBM, SAP, SQL Server, Teradata … or other brand? Simba connects to the most common databases in the most common languages. Access your data and view it anywhere, anytime.

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Data Connectivity for Relational Databases


Data Connectivity for Multidimensional Data Sources

We have the only multi-dimensional SDK for developing ODBO and XMLA based data sources. Simba is the only provider who can parse and execute the latest variants of MDX, allowing full compatibility with Excel while enabling advanced functionality.
We can even place multi-dimensional access over your non-traditional data source for companies like Kognitio and Exasol
We are the experts in building ODBO and XMLA based solutions that understand MDX.


SimbaEngine_X_the ODBC & JDBC Driver development kit

Whether you need relational or multi-dimensional access to your unstructured data, we can help.

We have toolkits for building ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLE DB, ODBO, and XMLA connectors. We also have the technology to understand SQL or MDX and map that to your data source, allowing any BI application on the market to access your data. It doesn’t matter what your data looks like, we have a solution that will allow users to extract the power of your data source.

The world’s most dynamic software companies use custom connectors from Magnitude Simba

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Simba solutions connect to many of today’s data sources and applications that connect behind the scenes. Ask us how.