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Simba ODBC Drivers
Quick Start Guide for Windows

About This Guide


The Simba ODBC Drivers Quick Start Guide for Windows explains how to use Simba ODBC drivers in various applications so that you can evaluate and use the drivers on a Windows machine.


The guide is intended for end users of Simba ODBC drivers who want to quickly set up the Windows driver in a BI application so that they can use and evaluate the driver.


For the purposes of this Quick Start Guide for Windows, it is assumed that you already have a database that you can query.

It is also assumed that you already installed the driver on your Windows machine and created a DSN that can connect to your data store. For comprehensive information about configuring and using a specific driver, see the Installation and Configuration Guide for the driver.

Additionally, the following knowledge is helpful for using the driver:

  • Familiarity with the platform on which you are using the driver
  • Ability to use the data store to which the driver is connecting
  • An understanding of the role of ODBC technologies and driver managers in connecting to a data store
  • Experience creating and configuring ODBC connections
  • Exposure to SQL

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