AESetStatement Class Reference

Set catalog or schema. More...

Inherits Simba::SQLEngine::AERowCountStatement.

Inherited by AESetCatalog, and AESetSchema.

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Public Member Functions

virtual AESetStatementClone () const =0
 Creates a clone of this node object.
virtual void Validate ()
 Validates the node.
virtual ~AESetStatement ()

Protected Member Functions

 AESetStatement (const AESetStatement &in_other)
 Copy constructor.
 AESetStatement ()

Detailed Description

Set catalog or schema.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~AESetStatement (  )  [virtual]


AESetStatement (  )  [protected]


AESetStatement ( const AESetStatement in_other  )  [protected]

Copy constructor.

To support "cloning". See Clone() method.

in_other The other node to create copy from.

Member Function Documentation

virtual AESetStatement* Clone (  )  const [pure virtual]

Creates a clone of this node object.

A clone of this node object. (OWN)

Implements AERowCountStatement.

Implemented in AESetCatalog, and AESetSchema.

virtual void Validate (  )  [virtual]

Validates the node.

AEInvalidAetException if the node is not valid.

Reimplemented from AENode.

Reimplemented in AESetCatalog, and AESetSchema.

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