BasicFilteredMetadataResult Class Reference

This sample implementation is a special filtered metadata result which applies generic filtering to the raw result set. More...

Inherits Simba::DSI::FilteredMetadataResult.

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Public Member Functions

 BasicFilteredMetadataResult (Simba::DSI::DSIMetadataSource *in_metadataSource, std::vector< Simba::DSI::DSIOutputMetadataColumn * > &in_columnMetadata, std::vector< Simba::DSI::DSIMetadataFilter * > &in_filters, ILogger *in_log, bool in_performFiltering)
bool GetDerivedMetadata (Simba::DSI::DSIDerivedMetadataColumnID in_derivedID, SqlData *in_data, simba_signed_native in_offset, simba_signed_native in_maxSize)
 Retrieves derived data specific to the metadata table.
virtual ~BasicFilteredMetadataResult ()

Detailed Description

This sample implementation is a special filtered metadata result which applies generic filtering to the raw result set.

There is no special filter done in this basic implementation. The only supported CursorType is SIMBA_FORWARD_ONLY.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BasicFilteredMetadataResult ( Simba::DSI::DSIMetadataSource in_metadataSource,
std::vector< Simba::DSI::DSIOutputMetadataColumn * > &  in_columnMetadata,
std::vector< Simba::DSI::DSIMetadataFilter * > &  in_filters,
ILogger in_log,
bool  in_performFiltering 


MAINTENANCE NOTE: The DSIOutputMetadataColumn*s, and DSIMetadataFilter*s in in_columnMetadata and in_filters, respectively, are NOT OWNed by this class. FilteredMetadataResult assumes ownership of these objects when it calls vector::swap() to pull these objects out of the given vectors.

in_metadataSource Raw metadata table data, cannot be NULL. (OWN)
in_columnMetadata A list of column metadata. (NOT OWN)
in_filters A list of metadata filters used to determine which rows are needed in retrieving data. (NOT OWN)
in_log ILogger, can be NULL. (NOT OWN)
in_performFiltering True if this should filter the metadata source; false otherwise.
DSIException if in_metadataSource is NULL.
virtual ~BasicFilteredMetadataResult (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

bool GetDerivedMetadata ( Simba::DSI::DSIDerivedMetadataColumnID  in_derivedID,
SqlData in_data,
simba_signed_native  in_offset,
simba_signed_native  in_maxSize 
) [virtual]

Retrieves derived data specific to the metadata table.

in_derivedID Identifies the information that needs to be filled into in_data.
in_data Holds a buffer to store the requested data. (NOT OWN)
in_offset Number of bytes in the data to skip before copying into in_data.
in_maxSize Maximum number of bytes of data to return in in_data.
DSIException because this basic filtered result does not contain derived columns.
True if there is more data; false otherwise.

Reimplemented from FilteredMetadataResult.

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