CToSqlFunctor< TDW_C_TYPE_TIMESTAMP, TDW_SQL_TYPE_TIME > Class Template Reference

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Public Member Functions

 CToSqlFunctor (const SqlCTypeMetadata &, const SqlTypeMetadata &in_sqlMetadata)
simba_signed_native GetMaxSqlLength ()
void operator() (const void *in_source, simba_signed_native in_sourceLength, void *in_target, simba_signed_native &io_targetLength, IConversionListener &in_listener)

class Simba::Support::CToSqlFunctor< TDW_C_TYPE_TIMESTAMP, TDW_SQL_TYPE_TIME >

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CToSqlFunctor ( const SqlCTypeMetadata ,
const SqlTypeMetadata in_sqlMetadata 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

simba_signed_native GetMaxSqlLength (  )  [inline]
void operator() ( const void *  in_source,
simba_signed_native  in_sourceLength,
void *  in_target,
simba_signed_native io_targetLength,
IConversionListener in_listener 

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