DSIUnicodeCollator Class Reference

A collator that supports comparison with ICU. More...

Inherits Simba::DSI::ICollator.

Inherited by DSIUnicodeLikeHelper [private].

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Public Member Functions

virtual simba_int32 Compare (const simba_byte *in_string1, simba_uint32 in_length1, const simba_byte *in_string2, simba_uint32 in_length2) const
 Compare two strings.
 DSIUnicodeCollator (const DSIUnicodeCollator &in_collator)
 Copy Constructor.
 DSIUnicodeCollator (const Simba::DSI::DSICollatingSequence &in_collatingSequence, EncodingType in_encoding)
virtual ~DSIUnicodeCollator ()

Protected Attributes

const UCollator *const m_collator
const EncodingType m_encoding
const simba_string m_localstr

Detailed Description

A collator that supports comparison with ICU.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DSIUnicodeCollator ( const Simba::DSI::DSICollatingSequence in_collatingSequence,
EncodingType  in_encoding 


in_collatingSequence The collating sequence to use for comparison.
in_encoding The character encoding of the strings to compare.
DSIUnicodeCollator ( const DSIUnicodeCollator in_collator  ) 

Copy Constructor.

virtual ~DSIUnicodeCollator (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual simba_int32 Compare ( const simba_byte *  in_string1,
simba_uint32  in_length1,
const simba_byte *  in_string2,
simba_uint32  in_length2 
) const [virtual]

Compare two strings.

The collations of the two given strings are already known at the creation time of the Collator.

in_string1 Pointer to the first string.
in_length1 The length of the first string in bytes.
in_string2 Pointer to the second string.
in_length2 The length of the first second in bytes.
0 if the two strings are equal, negative if the first string is less than the second, positive if the first string is greater than the second.

Implements ICollator.

Member Data Documentation

const UCollator* const m_collator [protected]
const EncodingType m_encoding [protected]
const simba_string m_localstr [protected]

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