ExecutedSQLInfo Class Reference

Provide information about the executed SQL command. More...

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Public Member Functions

 ExecutedSQLInfo (simba_int16 in_code, simba_wstring in_description)
 ExecutedSQLInfo ()
simba_int16 GetCode () const
 Return the code of this instance.
const simba_wstringGetDescription () const
 Return the description of this instance.

Static Public Attributes

static const ExecutedSQLInfo ALTER_DOMAIN
 List of all the public instances corresponding to standard ODBC dynamic function codes.
static const ExecutedSQLInfo ALTER_TABLE
static const ExecutedSQLInfo CALL
static const ExecutedSQLInfo CREATE_ASSERTION
static const ExecutedSQLInfo CREATE_CHARACTER_SET
static const ExecutedSQLInfo CREATE_COLLATION
static const ExecutedSQLInfo CREATE_DOMAIN
static const ExecutedSQLInfo CREATE_INDEX
static const ExecutedSQLInfo CREATE_SCHEMA
static const ExecutedSQLInfo CREATE_TABLE
static const ExecutedSQLInfo CREATE_TRANSLATION
static const ExecutedSQLInfo CREATE_VIEW
static const ExecutedSQLInfo DELETE_WHERE
static const ExecutedSQLInfo DROP_ASSERTION
static const ExecutedSQLInfo DROP_CHARACTER_SET
static const ExecutedSQLInfo DROP_COLLATION
static const ExecutedSQLInfo DROP_DOMAIN
static const ExecutedSQLInfo DROP_INDEX
static const ExecutedSQLInfo DROP_SCHEMA
static const ExecutedSQLInfo DROP_TABLE
static const ExecutedSQLInfo DROP_TRANSLATION
static const ExecutedSQLInfo DROP_VIEW
static const ExecutedSQLInfo DYNAMIC_DELETE_CURSOR
static const ExecutedSQLInfo DYNAMIC_UPDATE_CURSOR
static const ExecutedSQLInfo GRANT
static const ExecutedSQLInfo INSERT
static const ExecutedSQLInfo REVOKE
static const ExecutedSQLInfo SELECT_CURSOR
static const ExecutedSQLInfo UNKNOWN_STATEMENT
static const ExecutedSQLInfo UPDATE_WHERE

Detailed Description

Provide information about the executed SQL command.

The values defined here are by default consistent with the ones defined in the ODBC specifications for the SQL_DIAG_DYNAMIC_FUNCTION and SQL_DIAG_DYNAMIC_FUNCTION_CODE of the ODBC diagnostics (see SQLGetDiagField() at https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms710181(v=vs.85).aspx).

This file provides instances for the codes defined in the "Values of the Dynamic Function Fields" table listed in previous link. A DSII can create its own instances if it needs to return custom values.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ExecutedSQLInfo (  ) 


Construct the default instance corresponding to code SQL_DIAG_UNKNOWN_STATEMENT and an empty description.

ExecutedSQLInfo ( simba_int16  in_code,
simba_wstring  in_description 


in_code The code corresponding to the executed SQL command.
in_description The description corresponding to the executed SQL command.

Member Function Documentation

simba_int16 GetCode (  )  const

Return the code of this instance.

The code.
const simba_wstring& GetDescription (  )  const

Return the description of this instance.

The description.

Member Data Documentation

const ExecutedSQLInfo ALTER_DOMAIN [static]

List of all the public instances corresponding to standard ODBC dynamic function codes.

const ExecutedSQLInfo ALTER_TABLE [static]
const ExecutedSQLInfo CALL [static]
const ExecutedSQLInfo CREATE_INDEX [static]
const ExecutedSQLInfo CREATE_TABLE [static]
const ExecutedSQLInfo CREATE_VIEW [static]
const ExecutedSQLInfo DELETE_WHERE [static]
const ExecutedSQLInfo DROP_DOMAIN [static]
const ExecutedSQLInfo DROP_INDEX [static]
const ExecutedSQLInfo DROP_SCHEMA [static]
const ExecutedSQLInfo DROP_TABLE [static]
const ExecutedSQLInfo DROP_VIEW [static]
const ExecutedSQLInfo GRANT [static]
const ExecutedSQLInfo INSERT [static]
const ExecutedSQLInfo REVOKE [static]
const ExecutedSQLInfo UPDATE_WHERE [static]

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