IBulkProcessor Class Reference

Bulk processor interface. More...

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Public Member Functions

virtual simba_uint16 GetColumnIndex ()=0
 Get the 0-based index of the column for which this bulk processor was created.
virtual simba_unsigned_native Process (const AbstractColumnSegment &in_fromSegment)=0
 Process the given column segment.
virtual ~IBulkProcessor ()

Protected Member Functions

 IBulkProcessor ()

Detailed Description

Bulk processor interface.

This interface is responsible for processing the column segments of data returned from the DSII, allowing the SDK to retrieve large amounts of data from the result set in a single call. This is in contrast to MoveToNextRow()/RetrieveData() sequence of call which results in (1 + nColumns) number of virtual function calls per row of data retrieved.

DSIIs should retrieve the column index for this processor and then submit column segments to the processor for that column.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~IBulkProcessor (  )  [inline, virtual]


IBulkProcessor (  )  [inline, protected]


Member Function Documentation

virtual simba_uint16 GetColumnIndex (  )  [pure virtual]

Get the 0-based index of the column for which this bulk processor was created.

0-based index of the column.
virtual simba_unsigned_native Process ( const AbstractColumnSegment in_fromSegment  )  [pure virtual]

Process the given column segment.

in_fromSegment Column segment describing the data to process.
Number of rows that were processed.

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