SEInvalidOperationException Class Reference

An exception thrown when an operation has been "illegally" invoked. More...

Inherits Simba::Support::InvalidOperationException.

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Public Member Functions

 SEInvalidOperationException (const simba_wstring &in_msgKey, const std::vector< simba_wstring > &in_msgParams)

Detailed Description

An exception thrown when an operation has been "illegally" invoked.

This normally means a severe internal logic error.

USAGE NOTE: This exception is used for SQLEngine internal logical error only. That is, it _MUST_ result in HY000 - General Error. If your circumstance should result in some other SQLState, DO NOT use this exception.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SEInvalidOperationException ( const simba_wstring in_msgKey,
const std::vector< simba_wstring > &  in_msgParams 


in_msgKey Key into IMessageSource for the error message.
in_msgParams Parameters to be used to construct the error message.

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