SESortSpec Class Reference

Defines a sort specification. More...

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Public Member Functions

 SESortSpec (simba_uint16 in_colNumber, bool in_isAscending=true)
 SESortSpec ()

Public Attributes

simba_uint16 m_colNumber
 Sort by this column.
bool m_isAscending
 True if ascending. The default is ascending.

Detailed Description

Defines a sort specification.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SESortSpec (  )  [inline]


SESortSpec ( simba_uint16  in_colNumber,
bool  in_isAscending = true 
) [inline]


in_colNumber The column to sort on.
in_isAscending True for ascending, false for descending. Default to true.

Member Data Documentation

simba_uint16 m_colNumber

Sort by this column.

True if ascending. The default is ascending.

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