SqlTypeInfo Struct Reference

struct describing a single SQL type. More...

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Public Member Functions

 SqlTypeInfo ()

Public Attributes

bool m_bestMatch
simba_int32 m_columnSize
simba_wstring m_createParams
bool m_hasFixedPrecionAndScale
simba_int16 m_intervalPrecision
simba_int16 m_isAutoUnique
bool m_isCaseSensitive
bool m_isUnsigned
simba_wstring m_literalPrefix
simba_wstring m_literalSuffix
simba_wstring m_localizedTypeName
simba_int16 m_maxScale
simba_int16 m_minScale
Simba::DSI::DSINullable m_nullable
NumericPrecisionRadix m_numPrecRadix
Simba::DSI::DSIColumnSearchable m_searchable
simba_int16 m_sqlType
simba_wstring m_typeName
simba_uint16 m_userDataType

Detailed Description

struct describing a single SQL type.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SqlTypeInfo (  )  [inline]


Member Data Documentation

simba_int32 m_columnSize
simba_int16 m_intervalPrecision
simba_int16 m_isAutoUnique
simba_int16 m_maxScale
simba_int16 m_minScale
simba_int16 m_sqlType
simba_uint16 m_userDataType

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