TableColumnInitializer< StartCType, EndCType, SqlType, BuilderFuncGenerator > Struct Template Reference

Fill in a column of the converter builder table, row by row. More...

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static void Initialize (SqlToCBulkBuilderFunction(&in_converterTable)[TDW_SQL_MAX+1][TDW_SQL_MAX+1], Simba::DSI::IConnection &in_connection)

Detailed Description

template<TDWType StartCType, TDWType EndCType, TDWType SqlType, template< TDWType SqlTypeA, TDWType SqlCTypeA > class BuilderFuncGenerator>
struct Simba::DSI::Impl::TableColumnInitializer< StartCType, EndCType, SqlType, BuilderFuncGenerator >

Fill in a column of the converter builder table, row by row.

This template function processes multiple rows via compile-time recursion. It first processes the row specified by StartCType by delegating to BuilderFuncGenerator, then recurses by incrementing StartCType to handle the rest.

in_converterTable The table to fill.
in_connection The factory's parent connection.
Template Parameters:
SqlType The column to initialize.
StartCType The beginning of the range of rows in the column specified by SqlType to initialize.
EndCType One past the end of the range of rows to initialize.
BuilderFuncGenerator See comment for DSISqlToCBulkConverterFactory.

Member Function Documentation

static void Initialize ( SqlToCBulkBuilderFunction(&)  in_converterTable[TDW_SQL_MAX+1][TDW_SQL_MAX+1],
Simba::DSI::IConnection in_connection 
) [inline, static]

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