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TemporaryTableFactory provides a static method to create a new ITemporaryTable*. More...

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static ITemporaryTableMakeNewTemporaryTable (const IMemoryContext &in_memoryContext, AutoPtr< Simba::DSI::TemporaryTableInfo > in_ttInfo, simba_uint32 in_maxCachedLOBSize, bool in_shouldCompress, ISwapAssistant *in_swapAssitant, simba_size_t in_hintBlockSize=262144, simba_size_t in_minimumNumberOwnedBlocks=1)
 Creates a new ITemporaryTable with the given columns.

Protected Member Functions

 TemporaryTableFactory ()

Detailed Description

TemporaryTableFactory provides a static method to create a new ITemporaryTable*.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TemporaryTableFactory (  )  [inline, protected]


Member Function Documentation

static ITemporaryTable* MakeNewTemporaryTable ( const IMemoryContext in_memoryContext,
AutoPtr< Simba::DSI::TemporaryTableInfo in_ttInfo,
simba_uint32  in_maxCachedLOBSize,
bool  in_shouldCompress,
ISwapAssistant in_swapAssitant,
simba_size_t  in_hintBlockSize = 262144,
simba_size_t  in_minimumNumberOwnedBlocks = 1 
) [static]

Creates a new ITemporaryTable with the given columns.

If in_swapAssitant is NULL, a default RoundRobinSwapAssistant object with 16 maximum allowed resident blocks (that is, blocks held in memory).

The default size for in_hintBlockSize is 256KB. By our testing, this seems to be number that produces good performance in general.

in_memoryContext The memory context for this table.
in_ttInfo The columns and bookmark column of the Temporary Table. (OWN)
in_maxCachedLOBSize The maximum length for Large Object (LOB).
in_shouldCompress If the output table should compress data.
in_swapAssitant For managing swapping in the SwapManager object owned by the created temporary table (OWN)
in_hintBlockSize The hint for the size in bytes of each block. This will be adjusted to ensure at least one row is held in a block, and also to ensure excess memory is not allocated after the end of a block.
in_minimumNumberOwnedBlocks The minimum number of blocks this TemporaryTable needs to own at all time, so the processing it is involved in can be successful even if the MemoryManager has run out of free memory.
the new ITemporaryTable. (OWN)

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