SearchContext< P > Member List

This is the complete list of members for SearchContext< P >, including all inherited members.
Backtrack() const SearchContext< P > [inline]
HasNext(const DSILikeMatcher< T > *in_matcher, const void *in_pattern, const simba_int32 in_patternByteLength, const void *in_string, const simba_int32 in_stringByteLength, simba_int32 &out_resultLengthInBytes, simba_int32 &out_indexInBytes) const SearchContext< P > [inline]
Init(simba_int32 in_offset)SearchContext< P > [inline]
Reset() const SearchContext< P > [inline]
Reset(simba_int32 in_offset) const SearchContext< P > [inline]
SearchContext()SearchContext< P > [inline]
SearchContext(simba_int32 in_codeUnitSize)SearchContext< P > [inline]

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