SQLState Member List

This is the complete list of members for SQLState, including all inherited members.
c_str() const SQLState
FromString(simba_string in_string)SQLState [static]
IsSet() const SQLState
operator<(const SQLState &in_other) const SQLState [inline]
operator=(const SQLState &in_other)SQLState [inline]
operator==(const SQLState &in_other) const SQLState [inline]
operator[](simba_size_t in_index) const SQLState [inline]
size() const SQLState [inline]
SQLState(const simba_char *in_sqlState)SQLState [inline]
SQLState(const simba_string &in_sqlState)SQLState [inline]
SQLState(DiagState in_diagState)SQLState [explicit]
SQLState()SQLState [inline]
SQLState(const SQLState &in_sqlState)SQLState [inline]

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