SynchronousQueue< QUEUE_DATA > Member List

This is the complete list of members for SynchronousQueue< QUEUE_DATA >, including all inherited members.
Dequeue(QUEUE_DATA &out_dequeued)SynchronousQueue< QUEUE_DATA > [inline]
Dequeue(QUEUE_DATA &out_dequeued, simba_uint32 in_msTimeout)SynchronousQueue< QUEUE_DATA > [inline]
Enqueue(const QUEUE_DATA &in_data)SynchronousQueue< QUEUE_DATA > [inline]
IsEmpty() const SynchronousQueue< QUEUE_DATA > [inline]
m_criticalSectionSynchronousQueue< QUEUE_DATA > [protected]
m_queueSynchronousQueue< QUEUE_DATA > [protected]
m_semaphoreSynchronousQueue< QUEUE_DATA > [protected]
Size() const SynchronousQueue< QUEUE_DATA > [inline]
SynchronousQueue()SynchronousQueue< QUEUE_DATA > [inline]
~SynchronousQueue()SynchronousQueue< QUEUE_DATA > [inline]

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