TDWDate Member List

This is the complete list of members for TDWDate, including all inherited members.
GetNumberDays(simba_int16 in_year, simba_uint16 in_month)TDWDate [static]
Hash(const simba_byte *in_buffer, simba_uint32 in_seed) const TDWDate
IsValid() const TDWDate
operator!=(const TDWDate &in_date) const TDWDate
operator+(simba_int64 in_days) const TDWDate
operator-(const TDWDate &in_date) const TDWDate
operator-(simba_int64 in_days) const TDWDate
operator<(const TDWDate &in_date) const TDWDate
operator<=(const TDWDate &in_date) const TDWDate
operator==(const TDWDate &in_date) const TDWDate
operator>(const TDWDate &in_date) const TDWDate
operator>=(const TDWDate &in_date) const TDWDate
Set(const simba_char *in_value, bool in_throwOnError)TDWDate
Set(const simba_char *in_value, simba_size_t in_length, bool in_throwOnError)TDWDate
Set(const simba_string &in_value, bool in_throwOnError)TDWDate
Set(const simba_wstring &in_value, bool in_throwOnError)TDWDate
TDWDate()TDWDate [inline]
TDWDate(simba_int16 in_year, simba_uint16 in_month, simba_uint16 in_day)TDWDate
TDWDate(const simba_char *in_value, bool in_throwOnError=true)TDWDate
TDWDate(const simba_char *in_value, simba_size_t in_length, bool in_throwOnError=true)TDWDate
TDWDate(const simba_string &in_value, bool in_throwOnError=true)TDWDate
TDWDate(const simba_wstring &in_value, bool in_throwOnError=true)TDWDate
ToString() const TDWDate
UncheckedSet(const simba_char *in_value, simba_size_t in_length)TDWDate [inline]
Validate(simba_int16 in_year, simba_uint16 in_month, simba_uint16 in_day)TDWDate [static]

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