Package com.simba.dsi.dataengine.impl

Class Summary
DSIArray Abstract implementation of IArray.
DSIDataEngine Abstract implementation of DSIDataEngine.
DSIEmptyMetadataSource DSI empty metadata table.
DSIEmptyResultSet Implementation of an empty IResultSet.
DSIErrorResult An DSIErrorResult provides information about an error that occurred during query execution.
DSIMetadataOnlyResultSet An empty result set that contains the metadata for a SQL query that will be executed later.
DSIMetadataResultSet Implementation of IResultSet that supports only forward only cursors, and filters supplied metadata sources.
DSIMetadataResultSet.MetadataRow Class describing a row.
DSISimpleArray A concrete implementation of DSIArray that is backed by a Java array.
DSISimpleResultSet Simple partial implementation of IResult which facilitates forward-only cursors.
DSISimpleRowCountResult A DSISimpleRowCountResult provides information about a non-result set-generating query, such as DML.
DSITableTypeOnlyMetadataSource DSI metadata table for table types.

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