Package com.simba.dsi.dataengine.interfaces

Defines the core data engine interfaces.


Interface Summary
IArray Represents a SQL ARRAY data value from a result set.
IColumn Provides access to metadata about a column, or an expression that acts like a column.
IDataEngine IDataEngine provides the gateway into query execution and data processing.
IErrorResult An IErrorResult wraps an ErrorException and allows for errors to be batched up during query execution.
IQueryExecutor An IQueryExecutor is used to perform query execution.
IResults Exposes an ExecutionResult iterator to the JDBC layer.
IResultSet An IResultSet exposes metadata and data for a result set generated by a query.
IRowCountResult An IRowCountResult provides information about a non-result set-generating query, such as DML.
IStreamQueryExecutor Extension of IQueryExecutor that can stream batched parameter data as addBatch is called.

Package com.simba.dsi.dataengine.interfaces Description

Defines the core data engine interfaces.

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