Package com.simba.dsi.dataengine.utilities

Utility classes for implementing the core data engine interfaces.


Class Summary
ColumnMetadata A ColumnMetadata describes a column and the type of data found within.
DataEnginePropertyKey Constants of the supported DataEngine property keys.
DataEnginePropertyValues Constants of the supported DateEngine property values.
DataWrapper The DataWrapper class is used to hold a piece of data of any available SQL type.
DSIMonthSpan This class represents an interval of time for years and months.
DSITimeSpan This class represents an interval of time from days to seconds and fractions of a second.
ExecutionContext An ExecutionContext holds information about parameters used for a single execution of a query.
ExecutionContexts ExecutionContexts is used to package a group of ExecutionContext objects, each corresponding to a single execution of a SQL statement with its own set of parameter values.
ExecutionResult An ExecutionResult encapsulates an IErrorResult, an IResultSet or an IRowCountResult, and an indicator marking which type of result the ExecutionResult holds.
ExecutionResults An ExecutionResults object is used to hold all of the results generated by executing a SQL statement.
MetadataColumn Child class of DSIColumn that provides the metadata column tags.
MetadataColumnFactory Factory class for creating columns used in filtered metadata results.
MetadataConstants MetadataConstants provides a set of constants to be used as entries for some columns in catalog function result sets.
ParameterGeneratedValues ParameterGeneratedValues is used to encapsulate generated parameter data value.
ParameterInputValue ParameterInputValue is used to encapsulate an input parameter data value and associated metadata.
ParameterMetadata A ParameterMetadata describes a single parameter from a SQL statement.
ParameterOutputValue ParameterOutputValue holds metadata describing a parameter and data for a particular parameter value.
TimestampTz This class represents a Timestamp with a timezone.
TimeTz This class represents a Time with a timezone.
TypeMetadata TypeMetadata holds information regarding aspects of a data type used for a parameter or column.
TypeUtilities TypeUtilities is used as a utility class for types.

Enum Summary
CursorType Defines supported result set cursor types.
ExecutionResultType A ExecutionResultType value is used to indicate the type of a result.
MetadataSourceColumnTag A MetadataSourceColumnTag value identifies a specific metadata column tag that can retrieved using IMetadataSource.getMetadata().
MetadataSourceID A MetadataSourceID value identifies a specific metadata source that can retrieved using IDataEngine.makeMetadataSource().
Nullable A Nullable value is used to indicate the nullability of a column.
OrderType Defines the different orders that can be applied to metadata result sets.
ParameterType A ParameterType is used to indicate whether a parameter is used for input, output, or both.
Searchable A Searchable is used to indicate how a column may be used with a WHERE clause.
Updatable An Updatable is used to indicate the writeability of a column.

Package com.simba.dsi.dataengine.utilities Description

Utility classes for implementing the core data engine interfaces.

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