Class AEDistinct

  extended by com.simba.dsi.CppClassWrapper
      extended by com.simba.dsi.ext.aetree.AENode
          extended by com.simba.dsi.ext.aetree.AEQueryOperation
              extended by com.simba.dsi.ext.aetree.AERelationalExpr
                  extended by com.simba.dsi.ext.aetree.AEUnaryRelationalExpr
                      extended by com.simba.dsi.ext.aetree.AEDistinct

public final class AEDistinct
extends AEUnaryRelationalExpr

A class that models a DISTINCT operation.

Since the standard relational algebra is defined on sets, there is no need for such an operation. All elements in a set, by definition, are unique. This relational operation is typical denoted by: d(R).

This class is designed to represent the operation imposed by a

 <set quantifier> := DISTINCT flag.
This relational operation does not change the metadata of the relational expression that it operates on.

Constructor Summary
AEDistinct(long objRef)
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public AEDistinct(long objRef)

objRef - The corresponding C++ object reference.

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