Class AEProcedure

  extended by com.simba.dsi.CppClassWrapper
      extended by com.simba.dsi.ext.aetree.AENode
          extended by com.simba.dsi.ext.aetree.AEQueryOperation
              extended by com.simba.dsi.ext.aetree.AERelationalExpr
                  extended by com.simba.dsi.ext.aetree.AEProcedure

public class AEProcedure
extends AERelationalExpr

A class that models a Procedure.

Constructor Summary
AEProcedure(long objRef, AEValueList arguments, boolean hasRetVal)
Method Summary
 AEValueList getArguments()
          Retrieves the argument list.
 boolean hasReturnValue()
          Returns whether this object has a procedure call return value.
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Constructor Detail


public AEProcedure(long objRef,
                   AEValueList arguments,
                   boolean hasRetVal)

The list of valid stored procedure calls is not known until the catalog function SQLProcedures is called. If there is a procedure call return value, then all parameters must be bound by calling SQLBindParameter prior to calling SQLPrepare.

A procedure call return value has the syntax "? =". A dynamic parameter followed by an equals sign is specified on the left hand side before calling the procedure as in the following example: {? = call Procedure}.

If arguments is not NULL, then SetArguments() must be called immediately after construction of an AEProcedure.

Note: An Argument List is optional for an AEProcedure.

objRef - The corresponding C++ object reference.
arguments - The Argument List. NULL if there are no arguments.
hasRetVal - True if there is a procedure call return value; false otherwise.
Method Detail


public AEValueList getArguments()
Retrieves the argument list.

The argument list.


public boolean hasReturnValue()
Returns whether this object has a procedure call return value.

True if this object has a procedure return value; false otherwise.

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