Class AEProxyColumn

  extended by com.simba.dsi.CppClassWrapper
      extended by com.simba.dsi.ext.aetree.AENode
          extended by com.simba.dsi.ext.aetree.AEExpr
              extended by com.simba.dsi.ext.aetree.AEValueExpr
                  extended by com.simba.dsi.ext.aetree.AEProxyColumn
All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class AEProxyColumn
extends AEValueExpr

A class that models a column reference to any relational expression node.

AEProxyColumn is similar to AEColumn in the sense that it represents a column reference. It differs from AEProxyColumn in that it can reference to any relational expression, not just a named relational expression.

In practice, an AEProxyColumn represents a column that is "artificially" created during the AET building phase. In other words, it does not have a physical presence in the SQL query in the literal sense.

Constructor Summary
AEProxyColumn(long objRef, int columnNum)
Method Summary
 int getColumnNum()
          Retrieves the column number.
 AERelationalExpr getRelationalExpr()
          Retrieves the named relational expression that this column refers.
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Constructor Detail


public AEProxyColumn(long objRef,
                     int columnNum)

objRef - The corresponding C++ object reference.
columnNum - The column number.
Method Detail


public int getColumnNum()
Retrieves the column number.

The column number.


public AERelationalExpr getRelationalExpr()
Retrieves the named relational expression that this column refers.

The named relational expression that this column refers.

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