SimbaEngine Java Data Store Interface (JavaDSI) Reference

com.simba.dsi.core.impl Provides partial implementations for the core interfaces defined in com.simba.dsi.core.interfaces package.
com.simba.dsi.core.interfaces The core interfaces for any JavaDSI driver.
com.simba.dsi.core.utilities Utility classes useful for implementing the core interfaces in com.simba.dsi.core.interfaces package.
com.simba.dsi.dataengine.interfaces Defines the core data engine interfaces.
com.simba.dsi.dataengine.utilities Utility classes for implementing the core data engine interfaces.
com.simba.dsi.exceptions Contains all exception classes used by JavaDSI.
com.simba.dsi.ext Extension classes for data stores without SQL capability.
com.simba.dsi.ext.aetree Read-only proxy classes to Simba's Algebraic Expressional Tree (AETree) representation of SQL queries in C++.
com.simba.dsi.utilities Utility classes used by all packages.


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