Using Simba’s powerful SQL Engine your Excel data is exposed as a SQL data source allowing for easy querying of Excel data from your analytic applications.

Excel JDBC Driver Connectivity diagram | Simba Technologies
Data can be accessed at both a worksheet level as well as distinct tables representing portions of a worksheet. Detection of horizontal and vertical tables within an Excel worksheet can be performed automatically or, for finer control, ranges of cells can be specified. Additionally, data types for cells are preserved ensuring accurate representation of your Excel data to other applications.

Excel JDBC Driver Product Highlights

  • SQL access to Excel data either as an entire worksheet or discrete ranges of data within a worksheet
  • Automatic detection of tables within a worksheet
  • Optionally specify discrete ranges of data to be represented as tables
  • Automatic detection of data types based on cell contents
  • XLS and XLSX file format support


  • Real time SQL access to Excel data from any application supporting JDBC connectivity
  • Access Excel data either as an entire worksheet or discrete ranges of data within a worksheet
  • Automatic detection of named tables within a worksheet
  • Represent discrete blocks of data as tables through automatic detection or by manually specifying ranges of data
  • Optionally specify the first row of data should be used for field names
  • Read tables that are oriented horizontally or vertically
  • Reference an Excel file directly or as a connection object from within a Java application
  • Support for Excel XLS and XLSX file formats
  • JDBC Driver compliant with the latest JDBC 4.2 specification
  • Simple per-host licensing (server or desktop). The license cost is the same for any number of installed processors or cores (virtual or physical).
  • Departmental, enterprise and worldwide licensing available on request


  • Supports both Excel XLS and XLSX file formats
  • Complies with the latest JDBC 4.2 specification
  • Supports ANSI SQL-92
  • Supports Unicode

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Enable your users to access, analyze and report on their Excel data with the SQL-based tool of their choice.

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