Magnitude’s Simba Netezza ODBC Driver provides a high-performance connectivity to Netezza Databases for your BI & Analytics tool of choice.

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Simba Netezza ODBC  & JDBC Driver Connectivity Diagram | Simba TechnologiesThe Netezza ODBC Driver from Simba delivers seamless connectivity and enables powerful analytics on all major platforms, without the need for complicated data extraction on data that is stored in Netezza data stores. Using the Simba Netezza ODBC Driver, you can enjoy scalability, full BI tool functionality, and real-time analytics.

The Simba Netezza ODBC Driver provides different query processing modes that you can configure to modify how the driver runs queries and retrieves results into memory. The driver complies with the ODBC data standard and adds important functionality such as Unicode, as well as 32- and 64-bit support for high-performance computing environments on all platforms.


  • Multiplatform support, including Windows, Mac and major Linux distributions
  • Supports encrypted communication with SQL Server over SSL
  • Support Kerberos authentication
  • Support Windows Trust Store


  • ODBC 3.80 Support
  • Unicode Support
  • Support for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms
  • Support for Netezza v6.0, v7.0, v7.1, v7.2
  • Supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6,7, CentOS 5,6,7, SUSE Enterprise Server 11,12
  • Support for Mac OSX 10.9, 10.10, 10.11

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20 Days
Evaluation License &
Dedicated Support Team

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