The Magnitude's Simba Phoenix ODBC Driver provides direct access to any ODBC application like Excel, PowerBI, Tableau and more to HBase via Apache Phoenix in real-time with familiar SQL interface.

Simba Phoenix ODBC Driver Connectivity DiagramMagnitude’s Simba Phoenix ODBC driver enables you to use familiar business intelligence tools to run analysis on big datasets and allows you to use a standard interface with a Phoenix data store, while improving performance by using double-buffering during SELECT operations.

Phoenix does not natively support catalogs. However, the Simba Phoenix ODBC Driver implements catalog support by providing a synthetic catalog with the name PHOENIX#. The Simba Phoenix ODBC Driver also implements schema support for tables that do not belong to a schema by providing a synthetic schema with the name PHOENIX#.

Product Highlights

  • Direct BI Tool connectivity to data without extraction
  • Universal ODBC 3.8 data access solution for Phoenix database
  • Supports Data Manipulation Languages (DML) statements such as INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE
  • Supports two-way mapping between Phoenix types and many common SQL data types


  • Use SQL to access data via Apache Phoenix from analytic applications such as Microsoft Excel, Power BI, SAP Cloud for Analytics, QlikView, Tableau and more
  • Unicode enabled 32- and 64-bit ODBC 3.8 compliant drivers for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • Supports Kerberos authentication and SSL
  • Support connecting to Phoenix running as a Azure HDInsight service


  • Supports 32- and 64-bit applications
  • Complies with latest ODBC 3.8 specification
  • Supports Unicode
  • Supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms
  • Support for hint syntax
  • Use Windows Trust Store to verify connection

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