Enable your users to access, analyze and report on their Google's Cloud Spanner data with the tool of their choice. The Magnitude's Simba JDBC Driver for Google Cloud Spanner allow users full application functionality and real-time analytic capabilities. Light up features in BI clients by connecting to your Spanner data in a powerful, effective way.

Simba Google Spanner JDBC Driver Connectivity Diagram | Simba TechnologiesMagnitude’s Simba JDBC connector for Google Cloud Spanner allows you to make quick analytic insights and to leverage back end data source high performance calculation capabilities for your BI client.

The Magnitude’s Simba JDBC Driver for Google’s Cloud Spanner is used for direct SQL access to Cloud Spanner, enabling Business Intelligence (BI), analytics, and reporting on Cloud Spanner-based data. The driver efficiently transforms an application’s SQL query into a form that can be used to query Cloud Spanner data. The driver interrogates Cloud Spanner to obtain schema information to present to a SQL-based application.


  • Direct BI connectivity to data without extraction
  • Full compatibility with leading analytic/reporting apps, including Microsoft Excel & Access, Tableau, Power BI and more
  • Supports Spanner SQL (ANSI 2011 with extensions)
  • Transfers data over secure connections with Spanner via SSL
  • Provides full driver and query metadata
  • Support for JDBC 4.2


  • Supports 32- and 64-bit applications
  • JDBC Driver compliant with the latest JDBC 4.2 specification
  • Supports Unicode
  • Support for Windows (Windows XP SP3 and newer, 32- and 64-bit editions)
  • Optimized metadata retrieval for SQLTables and SQLColumns

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