This is the list of website known issues as of December 3, 13:00

To report the new issue please open a ticket in Jira at:

When reporting an issue please provide:

  • The exact URL of the page you are trying to access

  • What were you expecting and what did you get instead. Include any error message or a screenshot of the page.

  • Your browser type, version and the OS type/version.

  • The date and time when you experienced this problem (so that we can cross-reference it with the error logs) and any additional information that may help to reproduce this issue.

SSL certificate error

When connecting to the site via SSL you will get a browser warning about certificate mismatch. This is because we already installed production certificate ( while you are accessing the site using a preview url ( It is safe to accept this warning and mark certificate as trusted for this site.

Main menu on mobile devices

The main menu (Product | Partners | About | … ) may not render correctly on the mobile devices. Instead of rendering in one column, it tries to display two columns side-by-side.


Drivers Page rendering on mobile devices

Drivers page ( has two display modes: a tile (a logo only) and a list (a logo and a description). Description may run off-screen requiring scrolling in Portrait orientation.

Missing graphics in blog posts

Some of the images in the blogs link to another staging server that is not accessible to end users and result in broken links. We opened the staging server access to resolve this issue and will be merging the content before the public launch. Thanks to everyone who pointed this problem out!