Vancouver, BC – June 25, 2004 – Simba Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that ABAS Software AG has been a valued customer for a period of five years. Specifically, ABAS Software has licensed SimbaEngine SDK in order to provide an ODBC reporting interface on its successful Business Software application.

ABAS Software offers a flexible, adaptable and complete business ERP, PPC, MRP and eBusiness solution for medium sized businesses. ABAS’ Business Software’s intelligent construction, and well-thought out strategies enable short implementation times, as well as trouble-free integration into the company structure.

SimbaEngine SDK is a software development toolkit that enables you to build an ODBC, JDBC or OLE DB Driver for non-relational data access to proprietary data sources. It also incorporates an ADO.NET implementation that allows users to build robust and reliable .NET Data Providers that can integrate with Microsoft Office XP.

More than 50 million ODBC drivers have been built using SimbaEngine SDK. Using this software development toolkit, you can reduce your Time to Market in building an ODBC, JDBC or OLE DB Driver or ADO.NET Data Provider by 75%. SimbaEngine SDK contains a complete SQL Engine for parsing and execution of SQL queries. SimbaProvider SDK allows information within closed or proprietary data stores to be exposed to reporting tools and the web. This gives knowledge workers broad access to data and more choices about how they can turn this data into information – this results in more intelligent decisions that translate into a distinct competitive advantage.

“Above all else, Simba prides itself on an ability to attract and retain customers to whom we are able to offer a distinct competitive advantage”, says Amyn Rajan, President and CEO of Simba Technologies. He continued, “We are extremely proud of our long-standing relationship with ABAS Software and will work hard to ensure that we continue to deliver optimal value to their organization going forward.”

“ABAS Software has been a Simba customer since 1998”, says Peter Forscht, Chief Operating Officer of ABAS Software AG. He continued, “During this period of time we have been very pleased with Simba’s technology. We continue to work with Simba as they provide us with an ODBC data connectivity solution that meets the exacting needs of our customers. Our primary focus is 100% customer satisfaction and we thank Simba for helping us to deliver on this.”

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 About ABAS Software AG

Over 1400 customers have opted for ABAS as their IT specialist, and for the integrated ABAS Business Software which has become one of the most successful ERP programs on the international market during the past years. ABAS’ customer list includes leading small to medium-sized companies from various industries. The list includes such well-known enterprises as Würth Elektronik, Dortmunder Westfalenhallen, Mafell, Robbe, Lufthansa LEOS and HOMA Pumpenfabrik. Customer service is very important to the ABAS Software AG. A professional network of over 400 organizational and application consultants in the IT industry provides the backbone of ABAS Software AG’s customer service. ABAS Software Partners deliver on-site customer care and provide a full range of services – from implementation to hardware and network support to customization and a help desk.

Approximately 40 partners ensure fast reaction times and high service quality. International partners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, France, Spain, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Latin America, Canada and the USA represent ABAS Software AG throughout the world. Our partner network is continuously expanding. More information on ABAS Software is available at

 About Simba Technologies

Simba Technologies is the recognized world leader in standards based data access products, solutions, and services. We deliver data connectivity and interoperability solutions to many of the world’s leading companies on various platforms including Windows, Solaris and Linux. Our best-in-class products support multiple interfaces, including ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, OLE DB for OLAP, XML for Analysis, ADO and ADO.NET.

Simba’s software is used in dozens of countries across all continents and its customer base includes many leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and global enterprises, including SAP, Hyperion Solutions, Business Objects, Alterian PLC, MIS AG, Poet Software GmbH, Sequiter Software, abas Software and Unify Corporation.

Simba operates from its global headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. For more information, please visit or call 1 604 633 0008.

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