Case Study: Data Historian and Trending Software Leader Cites Performance, Complex-query Support, Engineer-to-engineer Communication, and Extended SQL Capabilities for Choosing SimbaEngine® SDK

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – December 18, 2014 – Today Simba Technologies Inc.®, the worldwide leader in Big Data connectivity, announced the release of a new case study: “How Canary Labs Makes History with Fast, Scalable ODBC Connectivity from Simba Technologies.” The case study details how Canary Labs—the worldwide leader in data historian and trending software—selected the SimbaEngine SDK over the competition, and then used it to build a powerful, custom ODBC driver which it now delivers as a key connectivity component of its flagship Enterprise Historian offering.

“Canary Labs is an innovator in the capture, process, and analysis of time-based process data,” notes Simba Technologies Vice President of Sales Tom Newton. “Canary Labs’ decision to build with the SimbaEngine SDK highlights its commitment to delivering best-in-class connectivity with its best-in-class historian solutions.”

Martinsburg, Pennsylvania-based Canary Labs was established in 1985, and has since delivered award-winning historian software solutions to more than 16,000 installations in over 26 countries around the world. Canary Labs had been using an ODBC connectivity solution from a different company to support its “historizing” data analytics technology offering. But with great analytical data power comes great performance responsibility, and Canary Labs stakeholders knew their existing ODBC connectivity driver could not support ambitious plans for growth.

“We had begun to see a lot of customers wanting to use our data on their backend systems,” notes Stan Kennedy, Project Manager at Canary Labs. “And so that’s what brought into focus the need for an [improved] ODBC driver, and exposed the weakness of the previous driver we had.”

Canary Labs’ Kennedy and Senior Software Engineers Ken Wyant and Mark Rice identified key criteria for a new ODBC driver: It had to be flexible, fast, and up to date with the latest complementary technologies. And that led them to Simba.

Wyant and team saw gaps with the competitor’s ODBC solution they had been using: It didn’t provide hooks for performance optimization, couldn’t handle complex queries, and perhaps most glaringly, didn’t support up-to-date versions of SQL: “Widely-accepted commands and functions were not available to us.”

The Canary Labs team researched available driver-development environments, and selected the SimbaEngine SDK, recognizing that it was the best solution to build a custom ODBC driver to satisfy customer needs for scalability, performance, and complex-query support. Wyant and Rice and team crafted a full-fledged driver in a matter of a few weeks. Collaborating with a Simba Technologies senior engineer, Canary Labs got the driver ready for its first customer. And after rigorous testing and validation in a customer road-test environment, Canary Labs made the custom driver available for release with its Historian product.

Throughout both its evaluation, driver-development, and customer- implementation cycle, Canary Labs cited Simba’s technical expertise and committed engagement as key success factors in the Canary Labs custom ODBC driver effort. Notes Wyant, “Engineers appreciate talking to other engineers. And that’s one thing that set [Simba Technologies] apart.”

Concludes Kennedy, “We do not hesitate to sell [our SimbaEngine-built] ODBC driver. It’s an essential part of our toolkit.”

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