Simba Technologies Continues Leadership Role in Fast Growth Analytics (OLAP) Market

Vancouver, BC – November 1, 1999 – Simba Technologies, which powers some of the planet’s largest analytic and reporting vendor solutions, including ASF founding members NCR and WhiteLight, is proud to announce its support for the Analytical Solutions Forum (ASF), launched today. Simba is a founding member of the ASF and has accepted a leadership role as Chair of the MDX chapter of the ASF Conformance SIG, charged with identifying and communicating MDX conformance levels.

 The Market Drivers for Interoperability

“The drive for open standards in the analytical application market is coming from many sides,” commented Kirk Herrington, president of Simba Techologies Inc. “Business analysts and power users want access to the new breed of innovative data visualization tools. Corporate users want advanced tools that they can integrate into their existing infrastructure. And ISVs and SIs must deliver open and interoperable solutions.”

Added Herrington: “We are proud to be involved in the Analytical Solutions Forum, both as founding members and as Chair of the MDX Chapter of the Conformance SIG. Our early work on the OLE DB for OLAP specification and our more recent sponsorship of events such as InterOperate ’99 demonstrate Simba’s commitment to advancing the standard. We applaud ASF members for their commitment to work together to ensure the most compatible product offerings for customers in the growing analytical tools market.”

Erik Thomsen, chair of the Analytical Solutions Forum, said: “Simba’s expertise in the OLE DB for OLAP specification is a huge asset to the ASF, making them a natural first choice to head up the MDX Chapter of the Conformance SIG.”

Said John Comprido, product manager of analytical products at Simba and Chair of the MDX Chapter of the ASF Conformance SIG: “Simba has worked closely with many leading analytical server vendors-including NCR, WhiteLight, and SAP–to ensure that our own SimbaProvider for OLAP software development kit reflects not just the OLE DB for OLAP specification but also vendors’ interpretation of the specification in their products.”

Added Comprido: “It has become clear that delivering interoperable solutions involves more than simply adhering to a specification. Delivering truly interoperable product suites requires a significant investment in testing and maintenance. Simba is pleased to be a key player in ensuring that interoperability requirements are set out and kept current to ensure quick time to market with truly open solutions.”

 Simba’s Plan for MDX Conformance Levels

The explosion of front-end tools supporting different levels of MDX has meant increased development efforts and longer time to market for OLAP server vendors who aim to deliver solutions that are open to these tools. By identifying MDX conformance levels, OLAP server vendors will have access to published and agreed-upon functionality levels for the front-end tools that they aim to support. This will mean faster time to market for OLAP server vendor products and much clearer communication of complete business analysis solutions that best meet their specific requirements.

To identify the most reflective conformance levels we will aim for a process definition that calls for debate on the MDX language, a language still in its infancy. Simba expects that this debate will lead to recommendations to advance the use and adoption of the MDX language for our customers and the community at large. This work will allow analytic and reporting customers to easily map MDX functionality to specific end user benefits. Customers will be better able to select the front-end tools most suitable to different types of end user requirements.

 About the Analytical Solutions Forum and the MDX Chapter of the Conformance SIG

The Analytical Solutions Forum (ASF) is a non-profit industry consortium whose mission is to establish solution-oriented performance criteria and interoperability requirements within and between classes of decision support tools (including but not limited to OLAP or On-line Analytical Processing, data mining, data visualization, text processing, and decision analysis). Simba’s role in the ASF includes being a founding member and Chair of the MDX Chapter of the Conformance SIG, whose mission is to identify conformance levels for MDX grammar support and to provide for conformance testing.

 About SimbaProvider for OLAP

SimbaProvider for OLAP is the industry-leading software development toolkit for server-side OLAP vendors looking to include support for more natural data expression using MDX and the OLE DB for OLAP standard.

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