Vancouver, BC – March 21, 2012 – Simba Technologies Inc. – the industry’s choice for standards-based relational and multi-dimensional data connectivity on in-memory, cloud and Big Data – announced today that it has partnered with MapR Technologies to deliver SQL-based Business Intelligence (BI) access to MapR’s leading distribution for Apache Hadoop. MapR has leveraged Simba’s ODBC and Hadoop data connectivity expertise to deliver its new ODBC driver based upon the latest ODBC 3.52 specification. MapR’s ODBC 3.52 driver connects SQL-based BI tools to the MapR Distribution, providing its users with the widest choice of BI tools that they can use for analysis and reporting on their data.

“MapR continues to push the forefront with product innovation in the Hadoop community by providing new ways for customers to harness the power of Big Data analytics and derive information from the huge amounts of data they create,” said Jack Norris, VP of Marketing at MapR Technologies, Inc. “Our users sought broader access to analyze and report on their data using common SQL-based BI tools. Simba’s expertise has made it possible for us to quickly deliver a high-performance ODBC 3.52 data driver that effortlessly leverages the large data volumes stored in MapR.”

An ODBC 3.52 driver for Hadoop/Hive, such as MapR’s, bridges the world of SQL-based BI with Hadoop-based Big Data. ODBC-enabled applications are amongst the most popular and prevalent data analysis and reporting applications available. They include popular BI applications and platforms like Microsoft Excel, Tableau, Alteryx, SAP BusinessObjects Crystal Reports, QlikView and countless others – all of which rely on functionality spec’d out within the ODBC 3.52 standard.

“Simba has developed numerous ODBC 3.52 drivers for BI and data warehouse vendors globally, and has provided technology, expertise and guidance to countless others,” said Amyn Rajan, Simba’s CEO. “MapR’s ODBC 3.52 driver ensures that it will continue to be a leader in the Hadoop space by having the broadest BI connectivity and application functionality support possible for its Hadoop distribution. An ODBC 3.52 driver makes the capabilities of Hadoop simpler to use, more affordable and significantly easier to integrate into existing BI and data environments – broadening the scope of how and where Hadoop can be used.”

Hadoop is not natively SQL-capable, using its own Hive Query Language (HiveQL) as the basis for access and analytics. Unlike other data drivers for Hadoop, MapR’s ODBC 3.52 driver for Hadoop/Hive performs the added task of mapping advanced SQL functionality to HiveQL to provide users with seamless integration between their favored SQL-based BI application and their Hadoop-based Big Data.

“Microsoft Excel works out of the box with MapR’s ODBC 3.52 driver,” added Rajan. “No special add-in or optimizations are needed to get it to work – unlike other ODBC drivers that require a special add-in or optimizations.”

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