Simba Extends Open Data Access SDKs to Support Productivity Appliances

Vancouver, BC – June 21, 1999 – Simba Technologies Inc, leading suppliers of standards-based data access solutions for proprietary data, today announced support for Microsoft’s Global Data Access architecture for the Microsoft Windows CE operating system. By extending Simba’s platform support to include Windows CE, Simba reinforces its commitment to data access anywhere, any time. Customers looking for consistent information access for both wireless and networked devices can look to Simba for the latest in standards-based data access solutions based on OLE DB.

“We applaud Simba’s support for Windows CE with its SimbaProvider OLE DB toolkit,” said Tony Barbagallo, group product manager, Windows CE, Microsoft Corp. “We expect that many leading ISVs will work to enhance their proprietary data sources for the Windows CE interface via OLE DB, enabling them to satisfy the growing demand for highly functional data access solutions on the newest of mobile and other wireless devices.”

Said Kirk Herrington, president and chief executive officer of Simba Technologies Inc: “Simba’s support for this latest Global Data Access initiative from Microsoft is a natural extension of our commitment to data delivery anywhere, any time. The most demanding applications of the future will be those that satisfy the requirement to deliver highly valuable data to the smallest and most mobile of devices. Simba is excited to work with Microsoft to make data access on demand a reality.”

 About SimbaProvider for OLE DB

The SimbaProvider for OLE DB product suite ensures direct, high performance, and highly tailored data access solutions for valuable data sources. SimbaProvider Rowset SDK Version 1.5 is currently available from Simba Technologies Inc. With SimbaProvider Rowset SDK customers can build the most complete and extensible OLE DB provider for their data. SimbaProvider SQL Command SDK Version 1.5, available Q3 1999 allows vendors to evolve their OLE DB solution to include native SQL access. Simba’s component-based OLE DB SDKs follows directly Microsoft’s component UDA model, allowing vendors to address both SQL and Non-SQL access to their data.

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