Vancouver, BC – September 16, 2002 – Simba Technologies is pleased to announce the release of its SimbaEngine 6.3, the latest version of Simba’s software development toolkit enabling the creation of custom ODBC interfaces to proprietary data stores.

For almost a decade, Simba has been the leader in advanced data access development technologies. Through the SimbaEngine ODBC SDK suite, Simba’s customers have created some of the most extensive and powerful database products and solutions in the world. SimbaEngine 6.3 builds on the foundation of previous versions, allowing the development of custom ODBC and JDBC interfaces to legacy data stores, exposing information to reporting tools and the web.

More importantly, SimbaEngine allows customers to retain the proprietary and competitive advantages of existing architecture and business processes. Unlike switching to a relational database management system, which ultimately diminishes performance and control, Simba’s approach builds on top of your current processes and provides customized performance and control, while saving development and support costs.

Extending the functionality from previous releases such as Versions 6.1 and 6.2, Simba continues to offer its customers products with a continuous upgrade path. Version 6.3 is primarily a maintenance release that offers product fixes and updates for continued support of the industry’s leading ODBC and JDBC applications.

 SimbaEngine Highlights:

Extensibility – build a simple driver and then add features like client/server or advanced functionality whenever you want.

Performance – our robust SQL engine and advanced functionality such as pushdown joins, filters and parse trees, result in superior performance and better compliance with ADO.

Compatibility – Simba takes care of your driver’s compatibility with the latest platforms, data access standards, and desktop reporting and analysis tools.

Portability – port to any UNIX platform with our SimbaEngine Source Kit.

Template Development Approach – get a prototype read-write driver up and running quickly with our easy to use Quick Start Template.

Comprehensive Test Tools – Simba SQL Tester and Simba ODBC API tester allow you to run automatic tests on your driver.

Comprehensive Documentation – a full suite of documents including an award winning developer’s guide, technical reference materials, online help, and electronic files in PDF and HTML format for end-users. Extending our reputation as the leaders in ODBC connectivity for proprietary data stores, Simba has also become the leading supplier of OLAP data access solutions for the advanced analytics market.

 About Simba

Simba Technologies Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company based in Vancouver. We develop, market, and support a suite of leading data access software and solutions.

SimbaEngine is a highly customizable software development toolkit. SimbaEngine provides an ODBC standards-based approach to data access across operating platforms.

SimbaProvider is the industry leading OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO) software development suite, enabling real-time, advanced analytics and decision support capabilities, to multi-dimensional enterprise data.

SimbaSolutions helps organizations fulfill their data access requirements with seamless development and integration of industry leading software, tools, and professional services.

For more information on Simba Technologies, please contact us.