Vancouver, BC – April 13, 2000 – Simba Technologies, the recognized leader in standards-based data access tools and solutions for independent software vendors, today announced availability of the SimbaEngine® 5.5 Source Kit.

With hundreds of licensees and tens of millions of end users, SimbaEngine is the world’s leading standards-based data access SDK, providing ODBC and JDBC standards-based front-end tool connectivity to proprietary data sources on all database server platforms.

Responding to customer demand, SimbaEngine 5.5 includes full source code for all components. Said Bruce Kenny, VP Product Management, “Our customers choose SimbaEngine because they need the high performance and full flexibility that only our toolkit can provide. Data access with an ODBC driver is no longer a peripheral component for today’s applications–it’s a core component. By providing 100% source code, our customers can take full control over how they integrate their data access component into their solution. Full source–in addition to the improved prototyping tools and client/server components–makes SimbaEngine 5.5 the easiest, most complete, and most flexible software development toolkit for writing ODBC drivers available today.”

Rapid prototyping is another key benefit of using SimbaEngine 5.5. “Simba understands our customer’s requirement to get a prototype up and running quickly,” said Kirk Herrington, president and CEO of Simba Technologies. “Our tools and documentation were designed to guide our customers easily and quickly through the development of a prototype ODBC driver. By supplying our fast prototyping tools and SimbaEngine’s open and extensible framework in full source code format, we’ve created a winning combination for our customers.”

 About SimbaEngine SDK

SimbaEngine is the world’s leading ODBC SDK, providing ISVs with proprietary data ODBC and JDBC connectivity to Windows and Java desktops, as well as the Web. The SimbaEngine API allows developers to quickly and efficiently build a robust, architecturally superior solution, enabling our customers to bring a high-performance, commercial quality ODBC driver to market quickly.

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