SimbaProvider SDK 4.0 Incorporates Enhanced MDX Capable of Connecting with Excel 2007 Pivot Tables

Vancouver, BC – February 13, 2007 – Simba Technologies Inc., the industry leader in data connectivity toolkits and services, announced today the release of SimbaProvider SDK 4.0, the industry’s leading Software Development Kit (SDK) for building robust OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO) and XML for Analysis (XMLA) data connectivity to multi-dimensional, OLAP and star schema relational data sources. Among the many enhancements, SimbaProvider SDK 4.0 features support for Microsoft’s recently released Excel 2007 Pivot Tables. SimbaProvider SDK is the only SDK to have a MDX Parser that supports MDX 2005 – the latest version of the MDX Language standard.

SimbaProvider SDK includes a MDX 2005 compliant MDX engine, enabling Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to build MDX connectivity to their data sources. SimbaProvider SDK is used by a large number of ISVs to quickly and cost-effectively build MDX Language, ODBO and XMLA Providers for their own proprietary data sources. ISVs using SimbaProvider SDK are able to connect products like Excel Pivot Tables, ProClarity, BusinessObjects, and Cognos seamlessly to their proprietary data sources.

Microsoft Excel 2007 Pivot Tables incorporates greater BI functionality over past versions. The most notable improvement for BI is Microsoft’s use of advanced MDX 2005 Language to support new and enhanced query and reporting functionality within the product. Having carefully analyzed these enhancements, Simba has worked to ensure compatibility between SimbaProvider SDK 4.0 and Excel 2007’s core OLAP functionality.

SimbaProvider SDK allows ISVs to have Excel Pivot Tables connect to their OLAP or multi-dimensional data source through ODBO and the MDX Language. This latest version of Simba’s SDK will work with Excel 2007 Pivot Tables out of the box.

“Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables has long been the most pervasive business intelligence application used by businesses today,” said Amyn Rajan, President and CEO of Simba Technologies Inc. “Excel 2007 Pivot Tables uses much more advanced MDX 2005 Language and Simba has followed suit by incorporating these MDX 2005 Language enhancements into this latest release of SimbaProvider SDK. Our customers rely on Simba’s standards-based solutions to provide the utmost interoperability, and this latest release ensures that when Excel 2007 Pivot Tables connects to an OLE DB for OLAP provider built with SimbaProvider, everything works smoothly. Simba’s customers continue to win when using SimbaProvider SDK.”

Other new features incorporated into SimbaProvider SDK 4.0 include MDX engine interface enhancements for multiple hierarchies and member key naming syntax, a number of new sample MDX functions and method implementations, as well as various other enhancements based upon customer feedback.

Simba’s long-standing experience in standards-based data connectivity has made it the choice of many leading ISVs for adding MDX Language, ODBO, XMLA and OLAP. Simply put, Simba ensures data connectivity and interoperability.

 About Simba Technologies Inc.

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