New Release Introduces Excel 2013 Support and Improved Features for Teams Analyzing Oracle OLAP Data Directly from Spreadsheets

Oracle OpenWorld, San Francisco, CA – October 2, 2012

 News Facts

  • For organizations relying on spreadsheets for Business Intelligence (BI) or reporting on data using Microsoft Office, Simba Technologies Inc. today announced the availability of Simba MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP 4.0.
  • This latest release of the provider adds support for Excel 2013 and upcoming Oracle Database 12c release, and features new support for date-time filtering and Oracle custom members.
  • Simba MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP enables secure and easy self-service BI for everyday users using the most familiar tool in the business person’s toolbox – Microsoft Excel.
  • This solution drives business performance by enabling business users to perform self-service BI quickly, securely and directly within the familiarity of the Excel interface.
  • Simba is the industry’s choice for standards-based data access and analytics software solutions and the world expert on multi-dimensional data connectivity.

Latest Release Highlights New Data Analysis Capabilities and Increased Performance

  • Simba MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP 4.0 introduces:
    • Excel 2013 support, allowing users to more intuitively explore data and create richer data visualizations, using features such as Excel’s new timelines functionality and leveraging PivotTable’s enhanced interface;
    • Windows 8 support, leveraging enhancements in Microsoft’s latest OS;
    • Extended back-end database compatibility, supporting the upcoming Oracle Database 12c release for future-proofed connectivity;
    • New date-time filtering functionality, leveraging Excel’s built-in time intelligence capabilities to allow users to easily view results over time;
    • New Oracle custom member (calculated member) support, allowing users to embed business logic into their data models to simplify data analysis.
  • An easy to install, client-side driver, Simba MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP 4.0 supports Excel 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003, as well as all releases of Oracle Database 11g and the upcoming Oracle Database 12c release.
  • Oracle OLAP stores multi-dimensional data directly within the Oracle Database, enabling customers to take advantage of the database’s performance and security capabilities. Oracle OLAP is an option to Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.
  • Oracle OLAP can be deployed with Oracle Exadata Database Machine to dramatically improve performance of queries.
  • Simba MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP 4.0 is developed using Simba’s leading MDX query language technology that is embedded in several major BI vendors’ products.
  • Simba Technologies Inc. is a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork.

Supporting Quotes

“Simba’s support for the upcoming Oracle Database 12c release will enable the Oracle community to leverage performance gains and new functionality as they migrate their systems to Oracle’s new version of the database,” said Dan Vlamis, President of Vlamis Software Solutions and Director on the BIWA SIG Board. “Likewise, Excel 2013 and Windows 8 support will ensure IT departments can embrace technology without fear of new versions and allow BI users to capitalize on new Microsoft features. There is great interest within the Oracle community to connect multiple front-ends to Oracle OLAP and Simba’s MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP is the de facto solution for standards-based connectivity from such applications including Excel.”

“Simba MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP 4.0 adds support for Excel 2013, as well as other new features so that users can perform more sophisticated data queries, do deeper analysis and present richer reports with key business findings,” said Amyn Rajan, Simba’s CEO. “Simba MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP is the recommended solution for connecting Microsoft Excel to Oracle OLAP. The solution feeds live enterprise data into Excel PivotTables so that users can make better decisions, faster. No mid-tier analytics database or special user training is needed – data stays securely in Oracle. It’s a must-have solution for anyone working with data in Excel spreadsheets.”

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