Simba Launches SimbaLib ODBC Driver SDK 8.1 for Easy ODBC Driver Development on HP/UX, AIX and Mac Platforms

Vancouver, BC – November 4, 2008 – Simba Technologies Inc., industry’s choice for standards-based relational and multi-dimensional data connectivity solutions, announced today the release of SimbaLib ODBC SDK 8.1, a Software Development Kit (SDK) for building ODBC Drivers for any SQL-Enabled data source. SimbaLib ODBC SDK – which can also be easily extended to support JDBC, OLE DB and ADO.NET data connectivity – allows users to connect a SQL-enabled data source to data analysis and business intelligence tools like Microsoft Excel, SAP Business Objects Crystal Reports and many others.

Version 8.1 of the ODBC SDK notably includes wider UNIX and Mac OS support, enabling developers to now easily build complete ODBC Drivers for implementations on the HP/UX, AIX and Mac OS X platforms. Support for other 32-bit and 64-bit platforms like Windows Vista, Solaris, Ubuntu and Red Hat Linux also continue from the previous version.

“SimbaLib ODBC SDK is the most comprehensive software development kit available for building commercial grade, fully-functional and easily maintainable ODBC Drivers for SQL data sources,” said Shaun Applebaum, Simba’s ODBC Product Manager. “The SDK offers developers greater choices to easily build out full-featured ODBC connectivity in their native development environment, whether it is Windows, Linux, UNIX or Mac. Never before have there been so many options to implement an ODBC connectivity solution that connects users to their data and optimizes use of a software vendor’s platform.”

In addition to added platform support, other notable changes in Version 8.1 include performance enhancements and new documentation for quick and easy implementation of many advanced ODBC features.

“Much of the enhancements and new documentation included in SimbaLib ODBC SDK 8.1 further improve the speed and ease of building and implementing a fully-featured ODBC Driver,” added Applebaum. “Developers can use the SDK to build an initial ODBC or JDBC Driver in as little as a few days – a fraction of the time it would take to build one from scratch.”

Simba’s business is built around providing developers with tools they need to build standardized data connectivity – linking user applications with data stored on servers. Simba’s longstanding history began in 1992, when it first worked with Microsoft to develop the original ODBC specification and it developed the first commercially available ODBC drivers, including simba.dll, which shipped in Microsoft Windows 3. The company also developed ODBC Drivers for Oracle and Digital Equipment Corporation.

“SimbaLib ODBC SDK is built upon Simba’s proven ODBC data connectivity foundation,” said Applebaum. “In addition to initially saving our customers significant time and money compared with building their own solution, we continue to maintain the ODBC technology. As such, our customers are able to concentrate on their core technologies and other product or business differentiators.”

Simba offers a free, 30-day evaluation version of SimbaLib ODBC SDK, which can be requested on its website at

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