QueryObject Extends Internet Data Mart Product for Interoperability with Best-of-Breed Business Intelligence Tools using Simba’s Leading OLE DB for OLAP Provider SDK

Vancouver, BC – July 28, 1999 – Simba Technologies is pleased to announce QueryObject Systems Corporation (OTC: QUOB; BSE: QOB) has selected its industry-leading SimbaProvider for OLAP SDK to extend the revolutionary internet business intelligence solution, QueryObject System. Adding OLE DB for OLAP capabilities to QueryObjects ensures fast internet data access for standards-based intelligence tools, including Brio Enterprise, Cognos PowerPlay, Excel 2000, and OLAP@Work.

QueryObject System supports the growing requirement for enterprise-strength multi-dimensional data analysis over the Internet. Adding OLE DB for OLAP support to the QueryObject means users can take advantage of the QueryObject high performance analytical data source for rapid internet and network data analysis using the latest open MDX compliant business intelligence tools. QueryObject Systems is the most recent customer to choose Simba for open MDX and OLE DB for OLAP support for their server-side data mart.

Explained Matt Doering, Senior VP of Software Products at QueryObject: “Our QueryObject technology transforms companies’ massive source data into highly distributable data marts which can currently be analyzed using ODBC or JDBC compliant tools and applications, or via the company’s QueryObject Analyzer Internet Browser. Adding support for the OLE DB for OLAP interface to the QueryObjects is a logical next step in the evolution of our product. Now users can take full advantage of the power of the latest breed of business intelligence tools for multi-dimensional data analysis, and will realize the power of their support for complex query construction and expression.”

Added Doering: “Simba’s expertise in the OLE DB and OLAP space is of enormous value to us. Their close alliance with Microsoft and their extensive interoperability testing were key factors in selecting SimbaProvider for OLAP. We are confident that the partnership will result in a strong product offering for the increasingly demanding business intelligence market.”

Commented Steve Murchie, Microsoft data warehousing product manager, “The OLE DB for OLAP standard was developed for vendors like QueryObject Systems whose business is enabling crucial business intelligence for data marts. Data marts are the most strategic of a companies’ data assets, and we are pleased to see vendors like QueryObjects work with Simba, the leaders in advanced standards-based data access, to enhance the power of their enterprise data mart solutions.”

Commented Nigel Pendse, lead author of The OLAP Report “Users of specialist data mart products like QueryObjects have not previously been able to choose from a range of popular OLAP front-ends-so they were denied the rich analytical functionality that several of these tools deliver.”

Added Pendse, “The implementation of an OLE DB for OLAP interface is welcome news for QueryObject users, but it would be hard to implement without the availability of SimbaProvider for OLAP. By using this, QueryObject can benefit from Simba’s considerable experience of working with Microsoft and implementing the interface for several other OLAP server vendors.”

Said Bruce Kenny, vice president of product marketing at Simba: “With the new generation of business intelligence tools for multi-dimensional data analysis, Simba is seeing a lot of opportunity to help server-side OLAP vendors include support for more natural data expression using MDX and the OLE DB for OLAP standard. QueryObject has a revolutionary internet business intelligence solution, and with the addition of native OLAP support it will be even more powerful. Simba is proud to be a part of the QueryObject solution.”

 About SimbaProvider for OLAP

SimbaProvider for OLAP is the industry-leading software development toolkit for server-side OLAP vendors looking to include support for more natural data expression using MDX and the OLE DB for OLAP standard. The SimbaProvider family also includes the SimbaProvider Rowset and Command SDK’s, providing open, multi-platform access to proprietary data from the Windows desktop and the Web through the powerful OLE DB API. In addition, users of SimbaEngine, the world’s leading ODBC data access SDK, can easily convert existing ODBC drivers to high performance, native OLE DB providers in a matter of hours.

 About the QueryObject System®

The QueryObject System allows data intensive organizations such as telecommunications, healthcare and insurance, or financial services companies to achieve competitive advantage by rapidly analyzing very large volumes of complex business data over Internets, as well as over corporate networks and stand-alone or mobile PCs.

The system easily transforms source data into a compact, highly distributable data mart – a QueryObject – that can be analyzed using industry standard tools and techniques. Where other products store data physically, the QueryObject System produces an analytical object that uniquely represents complex data relationships as polynomial equations. This resulting QueryObject is a small efficient mathematical index of all the relevant dimensions and metrics, including direct keys back to the granular source data.

 About QueryObject Systems Corporation

QueryObject Systems Corporation is a publicly held company headquartered in Uniondale, New York, USA and with a wholly owned European subsidiary headquartered in the United Kingdom.

For more information about QueryObject System Corporation and its technologies, visit their web site.

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