Building upon Long-term Partnership, MapR Delivers Simba-developed, ODBC 3.8-compliant Drill Connector in Namesake Hadoop Distribution

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – June 9, 2015 – Today Simba Technologies Inc.®, the worldwide leader in Big Data connectivity announced the availability of its ODBC driver developed specifically for Apache Drill v1.0. Apache Drill v1.0—a low-latency SQL query engine for Apache™ Hadoop® and NoSQL data—and the Simba-developed ODBC Drill connector now ship as components of the MapR Distribution including Hadoop.

“We’ve collaborated with Simba Technologies since we first started work on Apache Drill in the MapR Distribution,” says Tomer Shiran, MapR Vice President of Product Management. “Our partnership has enabled MapR to deliver Simba’s best-in-class ODBC 3.8 connectivity to Apache Drill users.”

Apache Drill is a schema-free SQL query engine for Hadoop, NoSQL, and cloud storage. Drill provides analysts with instant, self-service analytics on multiple data sources without having to load data, manage schemas, or pre-process data. Drill version 1.0 is now available with the MapR Distribution including Hadoop.

The Simba Technologies ODBC 3.8 driver for Apache Drill 1.0 that ships as part of the MapR Distribution provides an ODBC connection between Apache Drill and a user’s BI tool of choice (like Tableau, Lumira, Microsoft Excel, or another application).

“Analysts using Drill want the freedom to query data sources without having to prepare the data,” notes George Chow, Simba Technologies CTO. “The MapR Distribution gives analysts the flexibility to use any SQL-on-Hadoop engine, now including Apache Drill. And Apache Drill brings the utmost in flexibility, performance, and autonomy.”

Simba Technologies-developed ODBC 3.8 connectivity drivers for Drill, Impala, and Hive now ship as embedded components of the MapR Distribution. For more information, visit

Simba Technologies’ connectivity drivers are available for individual, enterprise, and OEM licensing. For more information and to sign up for a free trial, visit

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