Vancouver, BC – January 14, 2002 – Simba Technologies Inc., which powers some of the planet’s largest analytic and reporting vendor solutions such as SAP, is proud to announce its support for the XML for Analysis Business Intelligence Specification. Simba is a founding member of the XML for Analysis Council and intends to be very directly involved in the MDX Leveling and InterOperability/Conformance SIGs.

“Simba has always been a leader in the data access business and we intend to add support for XML for Analysis into our SimbaProvider for OLAP. The drive for open standards in the analytical application market is coming from many sides,” commented Amyn Rajan, president of Simba Technologies Inc. “Business analysts and power users want access to the new breed of innovative data visualization tools. Corporate users want advanced tools that they can integrate into their existing infrastructure.”

Added Rajan: “We are proud to be involved in the XML for Analysis Advisory Board. Our early work on the OLE DB for OLAP specification and our sponsorship of events such as InterOperate ’99 demonstrate Simba’s commitment to advancing the standard. Continuing to partner with organizations such as Microsoft, Hyperion, Business Objects, Arcplan, ensures Simba’s customers that their products will always interoperate well with those of the industry leaders.”

XML for Analysis is a set of XML Message Interfaces that use the industry standard Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to define the data access interaction between a client application and an analytical data provider (OLAP and data mining) working over the Internet.

“Since 1992, Microsoft and Simba have worked together to help customers access data using industry leading technologies such as ODBC, OLEDB for OLAP and MDX, and now XML for Analysis,” says John Eng, SQL Server Business Intelligence lead product manager, Microsoft Corporation. “In today’s heterogeneous computing environment, Simba plays a key role in helping enterprises attain rapid and consistent access to business-critical data. Microsoft is pleased to partner with Simba to support XML for Analysis.”

The jointly published specification will allow corporate developers, third-party tool vendors, and other partners to query analytical data providers in a standard way, just as it has been possible to do with all the SQL-based relational databases for many years. This new standard is expected to accelerate the adoption of Internet business intelligence software, and increase the market for our technologies.

“Simba’s support for the XML for Analysis (XML/A) specification is an important step in ensuring wide vendor support and adoption of XML/A as a standard in the multi-dimensional database market,” said Ray Evans, vice president of product marketing for Hyperion Essbase and Analysis Tools at Hyperion. “Broad support for the specification will lead to rapid adoption, bringing the power of analysis to more users, more quickly.”

Customers will gain the ability to protect server and tools investments and ensure that new analytical deployments will interoperate and work cooperatively.

Developers will gain the ability to leverage existing developer skills and to use open access XML-based Web services, eliminating the need to program to multiple APIs and query languages.

Independent software vendors will be able to reduce complexity and costs for development and maintenance by writing to a single access interface.

 About Simba

Simba Technologies is the leading data access solutions company. Our products deliver data access solutions on various platforms including Windows and Linux and support multiple standard interfaces including ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, OLE DB for OLAP, and soon XML for Analysis.

SimbaProvider is the industry leading OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO) software development suite, enabling real-time, advanced analytics and decision support capabilities, to multi-dimensional enterprise data.

SimbaEngine is a highly customizable software development toolkit. SimbaEngine provides an ODBC standards-based approach to data access across operating platforms.

SimbaSolutions helps organizations fulfill their data access requirements with seamless development and integration of industry leading software, tools, and professional services.

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