Vancouver, BC – February 6, 2012 – Simba Technologies Inc., the industry expert on relational and multi-dimensional data connectivity, announced today the release of SimbaEngine ODBC SDK 9. SimbaEngine ODBC SDK is used by top software companies to implement ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET and OLE DB data connectivity within their Business Intelligence (BI), analytics and database products. Key features in this release include deeper customizability, new data driver deployment configurations and additional support for big data and cloud database platforms.

“SimbaEngine ODBC SDK 9 packs in many new features to build highly-optimized, extremely high-performance data drivers suitable for today’s big data and cloud computing environments,” said David Foster, Simba’s VP Engineering. “True to SimbaEngine SDK’s heritage as the first and most innovative relational data connectivity toolkit, SimbaEngine ODBC SDK 9 provides an unprecedented level of customizability to open access to any size of SQL or NoSQL data source. Simba makes it easy to implement an ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET or OLE DB interface giving users direct data access using BI and analytics products across vendors.”

Notable enhancements in SimbaEngine ODBC SDK 9 include:

Nine new sample data drivers for ODBC, JDBC and ADO.NET implementations – SimbaEngine ODBC SDK 9 includes both sample data drivers and code that developers can use as a starting base for quick and easy data driver development in C++, Java or C#. For list of available sample drivers, click here.

Greater customizability and performance optimization – SimbaEngine ODBC SDK 9 enables easy performance-tuning for data drivers to eliminate wire protocol or data engine saturation that may occur within a data environment. The ODBC SDK also enables developers to extend the power of standard SQL data types with custom data definitions. Support for custom data converters allows an implementation to build the most efficient data conversion routines possible for custom data types.

Extended Collaborative Query Execution (CQE) – SimbaEngine ODBC SDK 9 further extends Simba’s innovative CQE feature that allows a data store to execute the parts of a query for which it is designed and leave the rest of the query to be executed by Simba SQL Engine. By eliminating redundant query execution, data access performance is significantly boosted and any specialized data store processing capabilities are undisturbed and fully realized. CQE is a major Simba feature that allows developers to build a direct data access solution to their data source while still maintaining the “special sauce” that differentiates their product from those of their competitors.

Dynamic indexing – SimbaEngine ODBC SDK 9’s SQL Engine supports dynamic indices creation on joining columns when no such indices exist. This speeds up table joins exponentially for faster data access and information retrieval.

JDBC to ODBC bridge – SimbaEngine ODBC SDK 9 includes Simba’s new SimbaD2O data driver that can exclusively use the included SimbaServer component to provide an easy JDBC bridge to any ODBC enabled driver. SimbaEngine ODBC SDK 9 continues to support Type 3 and Type 4 JDBC driver development for conventional implementations.

 About SimbaEngine ODBC SDK

SimbaEngine ODBC SDK makes building a custom data driver or data provider for either a SQL or a NoSQL data source quick and easy. The toolkit includes comprehensive documentation and an array of sample data drivers that developers can use as a starting base – all of which is backed by Simba’s acclaimed engineering-level technical support. Using the ODBC SDK, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can build an ODBC driver or a JDBC driver in as few as five days.

SimbaEngine ODBC SDK provides 99% of the code required to build Unicode compliant, custom ODBC 3.52 data drivers and Type 3 or Type 4 JDBC data drivers, as well as Microsoft-standard ADO.NET data providers and OLE DB data providers. The toolkit fully supports both 32-bit and 64-bit data driver development with the added ability to mix-and-match 32-bit and 64-bit client and server components for the utmost deployment flexibility. SimbaEngine ODBC SDK also includes a full SQL engine for use with NoSQL data stores. Implementations fully support IPv6, as well as data encryption using libraries like OpenSSL.

Simba offers all of the components, including the SQL engine, in a single package with one simple fee. SimbaEngine ODBC SDK is ideally suited for ISVs that wish to add standards-based data connectivity to their products, opening up access and data analysis for their customers through popular BI and reporting applications.

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 About Simba Technologies Inc.

Simba Technologies ( is the recognized world leader in standards-based data access products, solutions and services for both relational and multi-dimensional data sources. Simba provides data connectivity solutions to many of the world’s leading companies on various platforms, including Windows, Mac, UNIX, Linux and many mobile device platforms. Simba’s data connectivity products support multiple interfaces, including ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO), XML for Analysis (XMLA), ADO, ADO.NET, ADOMD and ADOMD.NET.

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