Vancouver, BC – February 4, 2002 – Simba Technologies Inc. is proud to announce the release of SimbaProvider for OLAP v2.5. SimbaProvider is the only SDK that allows software vendors to build an OLE DB for OLAP Provider on top of their database servers.

OLE DB for OLAP and MDX are Microsoft sponsored standards for accessing multidimensional database systems. Simba has partnered with Microsoft on OLE DB for OLAP since 1997 and recently announced its support for the XML for Analysis (XML/A) Business Intelligence Specification, which brings open standards in the analytical application market to the Web. Simba is a founding member of the XML/A Council and is involved in the MDX Leveling and InterOperability/Conformance SIGs.

For almost a decade, Simba has been the leader in advanced data access development technologies. Through the SimbaProvider for OLAP SDK and SimbaEngine for ODBC SDK suites, Simba’s customers have created some of the most extensive and powerful database and analytical products and solutions in the world. SimbaProvider v2.5 builds on the foundation of previous versions, allowing the development of OLE DB for OLAP interfaces to analytical and multidimensional data stores, exposing information to reporting tools and the web.

Extending the functionality from SimbaProvider for OLAP v2.0, Simba continues to offer its customers products with a continuous upgrade path.

Feature and Enhancement Highlights available in SimbaProvider for OLAP v2.5:

  • Support and compatibility for the latest changes to the OLE DB for OLAP specification
  • Integration of the MDX Engine into the SimbaProvider for OLAP SDK enables faster development of new Providers
  • A more flexible design that allows the MDX Engine to be located closer to the Server for better performance
  • A portable MDX Engine that can run on Windows or Linux
  • New and improved documentation and technical references
  • Enhanced diagnostic tools and test suites to aid in testing your Provider
  • Updated evaluation kit and procedures
  • New evaluation kit includes a Sample Provider that makes building a Provider easier
  • Enhanced customer and technical support resources
  • Product fixes and updates for continued support of the industry’s leading OLE DB for OLAP applications

About Simba

Simba Technologies is the leading data access solutions company. Our products deliver data access solutions on various platforms including Windows and Linux and support multiple standard interfaces including ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, OLE DB for OLAP, and XML/A.

SimbaProvider is the industry leading OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO) software development suite, enabling real-time, advanced analytics and decision support capabilities, to multi-dimensional enterprise data.

SimbaEngine is a highly customizable software development toolkit. SimbaEngine provides an ODBC standards-based approach to data access across operating platforms.

For more information on Simba Technologies, please contact us.